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Concord-Carlisle Youth Basketball Recent Updates

CMS Building Committee Design Update

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We are pleased that the architects have submitted new concepts to the Design Subcommittee of the CMS Building Project that include an option to expand the gymnasium from 7,000 sq. ft. to either 10,600 sq. ft (2 x MS regulation cross courts) or 13,000 sq. ft.  (2 x MIAA regulation cross courts).  The 10,600 sq. ft. design is adequate for both CMS and CCYB programming, while the larger design would benefit CCHS and community programming.  At the request of the Design Subcommittee, CCYB has submitted a new formal request to the CMSBC that includes a summary of our program needs.  Did you know that Concord-Carlisle's ratio of students to courts is DOUBLE most surrounding school districts?  You can find the data and other details here.  

Members of the CCYB Board also hosted a Zoom for local candidates for the School Committee and Select Board.  You can find the 30-minute recording of that presentation on YouTube below.

We have been asked about the cost impact of expanding the space from 7,000 sq. ft. to the newer 10,600 sq. ft. or 13,000 sq. ft. design proposal.  While we do not have specific costs at this phase of the design, using the $550/sq. ft. cost for the overall project yields an increase of approximately $3.5M - $6M.  This equates to about a $25-$50 increase to the average Concord taxpayer's bill per year.  The actual costs attributable to the expanded gym space will likely be much lower than that, but those are the only "real" numbers we have available at this point.  CCYB has provided the CMSBC with revenue projections for the expanded rental opportunities with the larger court spaces that offset much of that cost, as well as an offer to help fundraise for things like basketball hoops, scoreboards, etc.

The CMS Building Committee is listening to the community and soliciting feedback, and we also need to let the Finance Committee and Select Board hear our voices.  If you haven't shown your support, please do so today and let them know you support the larger gym space at  , and copy the and

Navigate to http://citizens4cms.com for more details and an e-mail template.




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