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CCYB Summer 2020 COVID-19 Update
by posted 07/15/2020

We are continuing to monitor the state's guidance on activities related to close-contact sports like basketball.  While we are refraining from any CCYB-sponsored programming this summer, we have listed several local programs that are running no-contact, skills-based training on the Local Basketball Camps page on the CCYB web site.  

Even though the status of travel basketball is still unclear heading into the end of the summer, we have been busy developing plans for the 2020/2021 season to start on schedule in the fall.  We are reserving court space, developing guidelines to keep players and coaches safe, and performing all of the administrative tasks that are required prior to the season.  We will publish updates as guidance is clarified and the situation evolves.

We are very pleased to welcome CCHS Athletic Director Aaron Joncas as an official member of the CCYB Board of Directors.  Aaron will help guide basketball programming and player development guidelines as we continue our efforts to provide more tools and guidance to our coaches.  We have a strong group of current and former players and coaches in our community, and Aaron will also be working to help us with our efforts to get more of them involved in the program in various capacities.  

Finally, for those players and families who have aged out of the program and no longer wish to receive e-mails, you can do so by clicking the "Unsubscribe" button at the bottom of this message.  

Stay safe and be well,


CCYB President


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