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Metro West Playoffs


CCYB has arranged to host playoff games for Metrowest.  While any team could play at one of our locations, it gives us a higher likelihood to host games for our own teams.  The following locations will be used for 2020 Playoffs:

  • Sanborn Middle School
  • The Fenn School
  • Concord-Carlisle High School
  • Middlesex School

Programs that host games are required to provide a Site Leader (a parent) and a Scoreboard Operator (the Site Leader can optionally fill this role).


Site Leader Responsibilities


  • Ensure you have been given the information on the teams that will be playing and the money for the referees from Marc Caruso in advance.  Marc or Tom will copy you on an e-mail to the coaches who will be playing.
  • Arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the start of the first game to set up the gym.  Instructions are here.   
    • Make sure the scoring table, chairs, benches, and scoreboard are set up. Details are on the page referenced above.
  • Introduce yourself to and pay the referees $45/each prior to the start of the game (or at the start of the shift if they will referee both games).
  • Operate the scoreboard/time clock during the game (optional), ensure the assigned CCHS student is ready to operate it, or get a scoreboard operator from the home team (higher seed, which will be listed in the e-mail that gets sent).
  • If there is unruly fan behavior during or after the game, remind the referees of Metrowest's zero tolerance policy.  The referees are responsible for policing coach and fan behavior and have the authority to remove any party from the facility.  Please read the MW policies for conduct under "Guidelines" on the Metrowest website.  In short:
    • Nobody is allowed to approach the refs during or after games for any reason.  
    • Metrowest has a rule that games will be forfeited the following season for any team whose fans violate the policy.  Remind them if necessary.
    • If a fan is removed for unruly behavior, immediately text Marc Caruso at 978-618-7906 or Tom Isenberg at 617-480-4961.
  • Take a photo of the game results from the home team's scorebook and e-mail to admin@ccybasketball.org.  We have to get these entered as soon as the game is over.
  • Ensure all people leave the site at the end of the game.
  • Clean up the gym.  Put away table and chairs, pack up scoreboard and store it in the storage closet, clean up trash.  Details for each location are here.
  • If you have any questions or issues, call Marc or Tom at the numbers above.  


Scoreboard Operator Responsibilities


  • The scoreboard operator updates both the scoreboard and the time clock.  
  • The clock stops when the referee blows his whistle and/or the ball goes out of bounds.
  • The clock starts when the referee lowers his hand after inbounding the ball, or when the ball hits the rim after a miss on the front end of a1-and-1 free throw or a miss on the last attempt of multiple free throws.
  • The scoreboard operator should confer with the scorebook keeper every two or three minutes to ensure the score is correct.  If a discrepancy arises, the home team's book is the source of record.