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How do I download SSU Play?

You need to download the app from the Apple app store or from GooglePlay.

This app is a piece of crap.  Who can I complain to? 

Not us.  We didn't build it, and we think it is crap also.  But we will help you get it to work.  There is a published support site at https://mobile-support.sportssignup.com/en that might be helpful, but we have attempted to provide answers to common problems here.

How do I attest that my player does not have COVID symptoms in the SSU Play app?

It's easy!  In the app, just click on your player's name and click "Attending".  There is no form to fill out.  By clicking "Attending", you are confirming that your player does not have any of the symptoms listed on the COVID Safety page on our website.  We tried to make this process as easy as possible, even though the initial app setup can be troublesome.

My account isn't working properly.  What do I do?  

Read the following FAQ.  If that doesn't work, contact Marc (Boys Director) at boys_director@ccybasketball.org or Tom (Girls Director) at girls_director@ccybasketball.org.  

The app says that people on my team aren't invited.  Should I invite them?

No.  This functionality appears to be completely broken.  SSU Play is integrated into our League Athletics web site, but it's poorly integrated.  Everyone has access already.  

How do I install SSU Play?

Log in with your CCYB username and password.  Here's what can go wrong with this process:

1) Your e-mail address is associated with your player's account or more than one account.  Your e-mail address should only be configured for your parent account (you will still receive all e-mails for your player).  E-mail information for players can be left blank, or set to their personal account.  When you click on the "My Account" link, it should show Guardians on the top and Participants on the bottom.  For each "Guardian" account, click on the name and ensure the Rights field is set to "Full Rights" and that the Type field is set to "Guardian". 

2) Your account is not properly configured as a Guardian to your Participant.  Follow the same directions as in the previous entry.

I already have SSU Play installed, but it shows teams from last year or another league.  What do I do?

First, you have to log out and log back in with your CCYB username and password.  The system should present you with your new team(s) for this season.  Once you add them to the app, you have to navigate to Settings in the app to remove the old teams.  

I am unable to mark attendance for my player.  What should I do?

Something is wrong with your setup.  Contact Marc or Tom at the e-mail addresses above and we will review your account and provide next steps.