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Website Management

There are two web sites coaches/team managers are required to maintain.  The first is the CCYB website, and the second is the Metrowest website.  The CCYB site is designed to be used in conjunction with the SI Play app, and is our primary vehicle for communicating with parents.  You should encourage all parents to ensure they are set up on the site and receiving e-mails.  The Metrowest site is our communication vehicle with the league.  Details from the Metrowest site do not automatically flow into the CCYB site.  At the beginning of each season, the CCYB travel directors load practices and games to provide a complete view of the schedule.  Once the season starts, it is up to coaches to ensure any changes that occur in the Metrowest site are also updated in the CCYB site.

CCYB Website Activities

  • Roster Management - Ensure your players guardians are set up in the system, that they are receiving your e-mails, and that they are actively engaged in updating the SI Play app for attendance.  
  • Game/Practice Management - Add, update, or cancel locations and times for practices and games.  Regularly review the schedule in Metrowest and compare it against the schedule in CCYB (you should get notifications that games change, but it's good to check anyway). 
  • Result Reporting - After a game, be sure to update the score so we have an adequate picture of win/loss record and point differentials.  It's not recommended or required to keep track of players statistics.  The travel directors use this information to monitor division placement.  There's a CCYB mobile site
  • Parent Questions - Know the information that is available on the web site so you can redirect parents if they have questions about playing time, equipment, etc.  
  • Schedule Review - The Master Schedule has all games and practices in it.  There's also a practice schedule page in the Travel Basketball area of the site.  

Metrowest Website Activities

  • Roster Management - The travel directors update roster information at the beginning of each season.  By the end of December, we are required to "lock" rosters, meaning we can't add players after that point.  Jersey numbers must be accurate, or you could be disqualified from a playoff game.
  • Game Management - If you need to cancel or reschedule a game, you will need to work with the coaches on the opposing team and the coordinator of the opposing town to make it happen.  Contact information is readily available, and you can see schedules for opposing teams to give you an idea of days/times that might work for them.  
  • Results Management - It's a requirement for coaches to update scores no later than Monday after a game.  There's a Metrowest mobile site (http://mobile.metrowestbball.com) that is easy to use to update scores as soon as the game is over, and we highly recommend using it.